We provide full services on patents, utility models, trademarks and designs, covering the broadest scope of protection and pinpointing the most essential part of the application.

  • Filing/Registration

    We do our best to obtain useful intellectual property rights for our customers in consideration of not only the scope of rights but also the possibility of proving infringement and the usability after registration.

  • Trial/Litigation

    We handle opposition, confirmation trial for the scope of rights, invalidation trial, preparation and mailing of warning letters, and responding to warnings, etc.

  • Search/Analysis

    We provide services such as searching for prior IP rights that are stumbling blocks to the customers’ business and analyzing future trends. Also, we actively propose methods to avoid prior IP rights, and plans for securing core patents.

  • Consulting

    We guide our customers to the most valuable IP rights for clients’ business from our customers’ perspective and provide the most reasonable and effective filing/registration strategies.

  • Licensing

    We provide various services such as IP value evaluation, assignment of IP rights, and technology transfer so that customer rights can be effectively exercised even after registered.

  • Translation

    The core element for foreign languages applications starts from translation into Korean and there is nothing more important than a high quality translation and we are specialized on this.
    Our patent attorneys, with high working skills and sufficient experiences as well as high language-ability, do translate and review the specification thoroughly.